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this page is no more maintained

(last update 2009) . Please see
the following tutorials may still be used as an introduction to Taverna.


Workflow Manager (part of myGrid project -

This tool can be used for transcriptome data annotations


- It allows a centralized access to many bioinformatics services:


- Many kind of services are available:

web site and web services
local applications (by text files or command lines)

- Simple and easy to use graphical user interface

- Automation:

batch processing

- Exchange of analysis schemas:

creation and distribution of workflows from the web site

How to install Taverna

- Download and install Java (choose Download JRE 5)

- Just download our out of the box custom Taverna 1.3.1
  (Alternatively, you can download Taverna 1.3.1 and the file that should be unzipped in the folder "lib/" in your Taverna directory)

- Install Taverna : unzip the downloaded archive, open the resulting directory, run "runme.bat" (windows) or "" (unix). Taverna should open.

- See Taverna web site for more information or send your questions to

remark : a beta custom Taverna 1.5.2 install is now available (useful for workflows designed with Taverna 1.5.2)


- First steps with Taverna, please click here

- How to run a workflow with a list of input elements, please click here

- two tutorials in french are as well available on training pages (restricted access):

how to use workflows and services (PDF)


how to create your own workflows(PDF)