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  • Category: RNA-Seq transcriptomic analyses
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  • Project date: since 2009

RNA-Seq analyses

The nature of questions people may address using RNA-seq data is limitless, so there are even more facets to the analysis of transcriptomes than there are to generating the data itself. We emphasize that it is virtually impossible to stay abreast of all developments in approaches to analyzing RNA-seq data. Our objective is to provide the quantification tables that best describe your data which are the starting point of the upstream statistical analysis.
Our pipelines processing RNA-Seq data includes four major steps: adaptors and low quality sequences cleaning, reads alignment to the reference genome, transcripts assembly and gene-level or transcript-level expression quantification. Outputs are raw or estimated count tables and various reports according to experimental designs.
For studies of non-model species without a reference genome, we use our homemade tool DRAP to perform the de novo assembly of the reference transcriptome prior to expression quantification.

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